Custom-designed tours to Scandinavia
starting from $1699 (incl. airfare)

What’s included for $1699?

  • Groups between 1540 participants
  • Airfare from January 15 until April 15 and from September 15 until November 15
  • 6 Nights in a 2 or 3 Star Accommodation
  • Local Public Transportation
  • Breakfast included
  • 1 Day Trip (Museum / Castle)
  • Free use and download Classix Tours App
  • Risk Assessment
  • Classix Tours LLC tour management fee

Stockholm – Sweden
The people from Stockholm call their city ‘beauty on water’. But despite the well-preserved historic core, Stockholm is no museum piece: it’s modern, dynamic and ever-changing. Musical phenomena such as ABBA, Avicii and Spotify were born in Stockholm. The city also draws musical talent from all over the world, to be inspired, to create, and record new music.

Göteborg – Sweden
Gregarious, chilled-out Gothenburg (Göteborg) has considerable appeal for tourists and locals alike. Neo-classical architecture lines its tram-rattled streets, locals sun themselves beside canals, and there’s always an interesting cultural or social event going on. Don’t miss out on this hidden treasure!

Oslo – Norway
Surrounded by mountains and the sea, this compact, cultured, caring and fun city is Europe’s fastest-growing capital, with a palpable sense of re-invention. The bustling, cosmopolitan city of Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is home of the Nobel Peace Prize and museums of almost every topic imaginable! Oslo doesn’t disappoint history buffs or art lovers.

Bergen – Norway
Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is a beguiling city. Colorful houses creep up the hillsides, ferry-boats make their ways around the fjords, and a cluster of excellent art museums provide a welcome detour in case Bergen’s notoriously fickle weather sets in. Meanwhile, a large student population ensures the city has a buzzy art and music scene!

Copenhagen – Denmark
It’s official: according to the UN’s 2013 World Happiness Report, Denmark, with a score of 7.6, beats every other country on a global happiness scale from zero to 10. Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandinavian cool. Modernist lamps light New Nordic tables, bridges buzz with cycling commuters and eye-candy locals dive into pristine waterways.