//Value for Money

Value for Money

Every tour company decides for themselves what they think is a fair price for their clients to pay.
Value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price, but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase (of a tour). The minimum purchase price, is the B2B (business to business) price a tour company pays for services. The maximum efficiency and effectiveness is where tour companies earn their money, depending on their overhead costs, risk calculations, as well as the management, and tour planning, a final quote may strongly vary between companies…

There are many factors which determine the cost of a tour, especially for international tours. One of the factors is booking the flights through third-parties or directly with the airlines. You might have already experienced that it’s much cheaper to fly with 5 people than it is with 50, only because airlines make money on selling similar seats for different prices. A group of 50 will therefore have to pay for the average seat price, and it won’t be the lower average!
Now imagine a flight on a busy route, an expensive airport, a smaller airplane, a different day of the week, a popular time of the year, bulk luggage and so on. Usually when you start planning a tour and request quotes from various tour companies, the ticket prices have not even been determined by the airlines yet! Similar variables go for booking motor coaches, accommodations, concert venues etc. etc. so many ‘risks’ are involved.
Most companies have chosen to calculate all these possible financial risks and take the worst outcome which will be the minimum price you’ll be paying as a customer. International concert tours starting from $4 500 or even $6 500 without airfare are therefore not uncommon in our industry, but is it a fair price for a week abroad?

Student debt has become a threat to economic growth, meanwhile many want to travel and see the world.
At Classix Tours, we strongly believe in the cultural enrichment a tour brings to everyone involved, the bonding language of music, and the learning experience which traveling provides. We therefore make it our first priority, and a personal challenge to keep your cost as reasonable as possible, yet at the same time offer you the best service, and touring experience!

Classix Tours is proud to have a unique and valuable international network, built over many years of touring and performing internationally, enabling us to book directly with local third-parties and service providers to offer you the highest quality you deserve!
In combination with innovative solutions, we always strive to offer you competitive quotes, often $500 up to $2 500 lower than the average tour company offer! On a group of 60, that is a phenomenal saving of at least $30 000! Imagine what a school, university, orchestra, choir, or community band could do with such amount! We invite you to take a look at Why Classix Tours? to learn more about how you can save money on your next tour!

There must be a catch, right?
Many travel agencies, airlines, hotels etc. lure you in with a very attractive low price, but you’ll be forced to add many extras such as luggage, seat reservations, meals, taxes, booking & payment fees, cancellation fees to name a few…

Classix Tours will always be transparent about what services are included, and give you the opportunity to build your own tour. We provide you with an all-inclusive offer, because
we don’t like to surprise our clients with extra costs!

You might think that our story is ‘too good to be true’, and we won’t blame you, but we truly have market-leading prices. Come and see for yourself and request a quote! Would you prefer to talk to us first? Call us toll free at 1.833.CLASSIX or schedule a phone call here! We’re looking forward to assisting you!

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