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Why not book your next tour with Classix Tours?

Choosing a knowledgeable tour company to organize your next (inter)national concert tour is one of the most important steps you may take in the process of achieving a rewarding tour experience. Traveling (inter)nationally with a group is complex, and because of this, making sure the organization and a great experience for all is a task best left in the hands of a seasoned and knowledgeable professional. The question remains: Which tour company should you hire?

Classix Tours is a company that is passionate about details, organizational management, traveling, and the music of every one of our clients. Our goal is your (inter)national success. For years, we have worked as professional musicians in Europe, and toured the United States and Asia as well. We count it a privilege to help you and to walk you through the organizational process you face in preparation of your (inter)national concert tour.