Custom-designed tours to Central Europe
starting from $1499 (incl. airfare)

What’s included for $1499?

  • Groups between 1540 participants
  • Airfare from January 15 until April 15 and from September 15 until November 15
  • 6 Nights in a 2 or 3 Star Accommodation
  • Local Public Transportation
  • Breakfast included
  • 1 Day Trip (Museum / Castle)
  • Free use and download Classix Tours App
  • Risk Assessment
  • Classix Tours LLC tour management fee

Prague – Czech Republic
Thinking of fairy tales, the historical skyline of Prague comes to mind, next to the vibrant musical life with many daily concerts available. Prague’s heartbeat consists of music: the amount of professional, and highly talented musicians living in this city, the amount of churches which are used as concert halls, and live music on every corner of the street, as well as coming out of bars and restaurants is something so special you should definitely not miss.

Brno – Czech Republic
Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic, and the cultural center of the South Moravian Region. Brno has a thousand-year-old history, and is truly a hidden gem. The magnificent castles around Brno are also suitable as amazing concert venues.

Bratislava – Slovakia
Because of Bratislava’s interesting geographical location, cultural ties with other cities in the area were always very important. Important musicians such as Joseph Haydn (who was born only a few miles from Bratislava) have worked in this city. Bratislava is hosting one of Central Europe’s most important festivals: The Bratislava International Festival of Music, which takes place every year in October.

Budapest – Hungary
Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary; It’s long musical history has included composers such as Franz Liszt, Ernő Dohnányi, Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók, and the opera composer Ferenc Erkel. Hungary, and especially Budapest have a rich musical culture, whether it’s classical music, new, electronic, alternative, or traditional Hungarian folk music.