//Why do I need a tour company?

Why do I need a tour company?

Traveling internationally with a group and performing abroad, requires a whole different level of expertise and inside knowledge. Imagine booking flights, a motor coach for local transportation, accommodations, restaurants, concerts, and day-trips for e.g. 50 students! Not only would you most likely pay too much, because you might not have the same business relationships as a tour company to negotiate the best deals, but consider all the risks involved without a professional liability insurance and an international travel & health insurance and that’s just the beginning…

Let’s take a performing tour to Central Europe as an example for some common pitfalls:

Central Europe consists of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your free time instead of learning German, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian? A professional tour company has the local expertise to offer you the unique experience you deserve, including bilingual tour managers!

Why spend hours searching for the best deals, book concert venues, talk to festival directors meanwhile looking for the perfect restaurants for your group? Save time, stress & energy, and hire a tour company! We have the network and business contacts in place to make sure you get the best possible service, for a market-leading price with the inside knowledge of a local.

Are you ready to schedule a multiple city and country itinerary? Take a well-deserved break! We have done this many times before, and we make sure you can enjoy your tour. Classix Tours brings experience and attention to detail when dealing with large groups of performing artists. Time for loading a bus, check-in/check-out for flights and hotels, rehearsals, concerts, meals, day-trips, and sightseeing all need to be considered when designing a tour schedule, depending on the average age and size of your group!

Imagine something happens during your tour! An instrument breaks, luggage gets lost or even worse, somebody falls ill… We offer worldwide coverage with our third-party health-and travel insurance, as well as enough tour managers to assist you to an instrument repair shop, call the airline or hotel, or bring you to a doctor or hospital. We have the solution, and speak your language in case of an emergency!

It’s a great idea to bring your group to perform internationally, but where do you play? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if we can assist you to find out which festival or concert venue is suited for your ensemble? At Classix Tours we have an extensive and international network to offer you the best possible experience. Highly interesting for music professionals and aspiring students to build their resumes, as well as lasting memories.
We can handle the details for renting local instruments, hiring local musicians, and take care of marketing and ticketing for your event!

If you have considered all of the above, then imagine if some members of your group have special requests, which can require extra planning. At Classix Tours we always like to take extra care of those with special needs:
– Dietary restrictions can be already challenging at home, imagine going abroad. We know which restaurants offer the right meals for you, and provide you with the proper translations to serve you better.
– Mobility restrictions require careful preparations, and we take pride in our service to accommodate you with airport assistance, adapted local transportation, hotel rooms, and all-access concert venues, museums and restaurants. You are in need of a last-minute wheelchair? We’ll have one ready for you within hours for the duration of your tour!

Handling all the payments is one thing, but can you imagine the extra stress and hassle to handle international payments with airlines, accommodations, motor coach companies, restaurants, and concert venues? At Classix Tours we have experts in international tax law and international law to avoid problems with payments, or a breach of contract with (local) suppliers.
We handle budgeting and set up customized payment plans, so you only have one payment to make!

Do you have any questions or would you like to request a quote? Call us toll free at 1.833.CLASSIX or schedule a phone call here!

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